Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Invitation to the reader

Dear reader,

Though I'm writing a blog I'm not a real writer. I only write when I have something to complain about whereas real writers also write when they have something to celebrate. They write upon being inspired by the muse; I write when I am not at all amused.

However, to the extent of my capacities, be they so limited, I aspire to write with the modesty of Swift, the honesty of Addison & Steele and the gravity of Pynchon, wielding the long bow of Chesterton astride the hobbyhorse of Lawrence Sterne. (I have ommitted several admired literary figures here for the sake of clarity.)

What, you may ask, do I have to offer my readership, the men of women of taste and learning who frequent that modern day chocolate house of public life, the world wide web? I'm not a sex worker by trade (though my job occasionally has me wear the mantle of whoredom in a metaphorical sense) so perhaps my little observations upon the world will not offer much of interest to the majority of internet users.

In fact, I lead the rather less exciting life of a humble game developer.


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