Wednesday, June 28, 2006

People who aren't so quick off the mark really ought to watch this piece of machinima below, made last December and concerning the events that occurred in the suburbs all around France last year.

You might be tempted to assume that the racism represented in this film is slightly exagerated for effect. I assure you: it isn't. I've seen footage of all this stuff in action in French TV documentaries and reportage. The discrimination is so systematic that even Adecco have been exposed for classifying job candidates based on race with specially developed filing codes, and L'Oreal recently mislaid an email detailing a requirement for "bleu-blanc-rouge" (i.e. white-only) promotional staff.

Unfortunately, the translation into in English is almost incomprehensible so if anyone finds a French version could you please let me know?

Thanks are owed to Melanie Swalwell for privileging me with this link:

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(For non-IE users who can't see the movie window above: try again in Internet Explorer. If it still doesn't work, update Windows Media Player. I say this through gritted teeth, naturally.)


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