Thursday, June 15, 2006

Readers are no doubt holding their breaths and turning blue with anticipation for the final part in my Game Job Ads That Suck series. Still to come are the following descriptions...

Finishing off my brief taxonomy of game industry recruiters:
The Recruiter Who Knew Too Much

And the final categories of game job ads that suck, such as the low paying:
"You Will Require Neither Food Nor Shelter As You Will Be Living Under the Desk of Washed-Up Game Industry Legend X, Sucking His Cock" job ad

"We're Replacing the Team We've Just Sacked With Desperate Teenage Fanboys"

The "If You've Worked In Hollywood May I Shake Hands With Your Wanger" job ad

While the text pertaining to the abovementioned topics is being looked over by my lawyers I propose taking a short pause to ponder other matters. For the next post, expect a brief digression.


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