Friday, June 23, 2006

Yes I know you're wondering where my elves are but elves are not the easiest of subjects to study and document at great length. They take up one's time and are tiresome.

In the meantime I have decided to post some links, showing how clever my acquaintance is, whilst simultaneously augmenting my social stature through reflected glory.

The first link will make you change your mind about how skull-crackingly boring it must be to lead the life of an academic*.
People ask me at dinner parties whether I, as a game developer, play games all day for money; and I answer yes because this is absolutely correct. Hits the nail on the proverbial head, so to speak. Well, it's much the same in the world of games/new media academia, but with many more overseas trips (games research conferences) and pick-up opportunities (games research conferences).

Melanie Swalwell is one such academic who conducts research into the cultural history of antipodean ludological ephemera drawing upon public memory.... and so on and so forth, or some such thing. That is to say, she hangs around fish and chip shops with teenagers playing Gauntlet on clapped out coin-op machines. Did you know that New Zealand once manufactured its very own games console? It was constructed entirely out of wool. You can find out about it by assuming the role of Melanie Swalwell: Basement Raider.

My long-suffering ex-colleague Thuyen Nguyen has done a piece of machinima about the war in Iraq that has received no small amount of attention, principally because it's awfully good. It can be found here or on his website (based on a brand name that he came up with himself: Devil's Nest, Kevin's Mess, or something).

* not including, of course, your life, Nicki - nor yours, Terry; nor Jason, Mike etc etc.


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