Sunday, July 16, 2006

And on to lighter matters, once again courtesy of Melanie Swalwell.

Australian readers will already be acquainted with Tourism Australia's TV advertisement entitled "So Where the Bloody Hell Are You". And those who have seen it will no doubt agree that despite this jumped-up little government department's best efforts at being "a little bit ooh, a little bit aah" their crescendo of sensationalist press releases serves only to exacerbate the anticlimax of lameness that is experienced by watching this "infamous" ad.

This version, "So Where the Fuck Are Youse", is less lame, as it contains some excellent accomodation advice for non-white tourists, beach safety awareness for lebanese sunseekers, and a telling reference to the fact that Australians feed their children to their dogs after tiring of them (as opposed to the French, who's children, as we know, have a rather different culinary relationship with their pets).


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