Wednesday, August 09, 2006

In less than 48 hours I will attempt to board a plane to London.

(To those who think I use the word "attempt" flippantly, you are perhaps unaware of my run-in with the airport police at Barcelona airport in January.)

My weekend in London will be expensive and a logistical ordeal, but at least people there will be rude to me in English. From London I go to Berlin, where I will have the opportunity of being served Almdudler (ahlm-dood-ler), my favourite soft drink. During this trip I will be alone for practically the entire time, so no doubt I'll find the odd occasion to sit down at a wifi enabled café and update my blog over a quiet Almdudler.

Incidentally, do not think that I have forgotten to write the 5th and final part of my series on elves and Electronic Arts executives. I have merely been biding my time. It will appear prochainement.



At 1:12 pm, Anonymous CJ said...

Almdudler's Austraian - even now hordes of offended Austrian nationalists, bearing bottles of tasty soft drink adorned with equally tasty Austrian frauen are making their way to your door to assert their heritage - brewed in Austria since 1957 (and it tastes like every bottle is from the original batch...)


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