Wednesday, August 02, 2006

[Stealing someone's bandwidth on an unsecured wireless network and it's all rather exciting.]

I am currently taking in the sea air of Arcachon, off the coast of Aquitaine (as in Eleanor of).
What's Arcachon like?, you may be tempted to ask. Well I'm tempted to reply that it's hard to describe during a network session that may be cut off at any moment. Let us console ourselves with the knowledge that Arcachon is a land of contrasts, etc. etc. and leave it at that.

What I will willingly provide, however, are some photographs that I've taken here.

When I am at the beach I am generally prepared to walk on at least a moderate amount of sand before I reach the water's edge. In fact, some would say (with the possible exception of the British) that a modicum of sand is a prerequisite for a decent beach. It is therefore disquieting to note that French citizens, when presented with a sandy shoreline, are prompted to construct a giant staircase/footpath to ease their passage from A to B:

[And in other news: Omygod! E3 is dead!]

I present for you now another photo that offers insight into the French national psyche. As I am currently quite tired, having eaten rather too much for dinner and cycled a fair amount, readers are left to divine for themselves the significance of a road marking that invites dogs to relieve themselves, not on the footpath, but in the gutter instead.

I expect a serendipidous encounter with the results of this "lesser evil" canine sanitation policy when I next swim in the Arcachon basin after a night of heavy rain.

As for why I, as mentioned previously, may have over-indulged at dinner: please accept the following image by way of explanation:


At 11:54 pm, Anonymous mike said...

Dead E3 is a good thing :)
I can live better without an E3 crunch ;)

At 4:16 pm, Blogger Kipper said...

As for myself I'm slightly disappointed that I will now never be able to host a booth at E3 with a handpicked selection of booth boys.
I had the perfect plan and it's been ruined.

At 10:49 pm, Anonymous mike said...

Well, it looks likes USA and me had a long story of missed opportunities.

I've not seen the WTC before it got tore down and I've never been to E3 in my 11 years of work in videogames.

Life sucks.


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