Saturday, September 09, 2006

[Actually, I posted this on Monday.]

I'm on a flight to Melbourne tonight. It's going to be horrible. In a strange moment of self-directed shadenfreude I decided to check my Qantas flight's "entertainment schedule" on the web in order to contemplate how truly awful an experience this will be.

Not as awful as German broadcasting, perhaps, but dreary in its monocultural American-ness.

Don't bother asking for a hotel room with a TV in Berlin.

Among the many dreary films I will no doubt watch during the flight (any gamer who has tried those in-flight "games" ends up watching 14 hours worth of films) is one called "Friends With Money". I watched the trailer: it's about Jennifer Aniston being poor and her friends being rich, and the awkward lifestyle and status disparity problems that come of this.

What about "Friends With Careers"? Or "Successful Friends Who Have Their Shit Together?" Akwardness and problems would arise there too - more of them, I would've thought.

Lots of people have at least one hopeless bum of a friend who seems to be going nowhere in life. I know this because I have lots of friends (who mostly don't seem to read this blog, which is a good thing).

Enough self-pity - I have to go to Paris now.


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