Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Yes I know, I know, and believe me: I do feel guilty. But you are perhaps unfamiliar with my strict priority system when it comes to guilt.

At any one time there are usually about 5 or so unfulfilled obligations that I feel guilty about: not working on an article, not going to the post office to post things, not sending in a form, not replying to emails, not working on getting a job, not dealing with bills, not posting to my blog, and so on and so forth. Sometimes there are many more obligations and sometimes the overwhelming urgency of one of them manages to spur me on to action. During this brief period of action, (such as the one I have recently gone through) one or two of the less crushing guilty feelings gets put aside temporarily - as a kind of guilt to look forward to, as it were.

So it is with much pleasure that I return to feeling bad about not posting to this blog. Ah, the light and airy carefreeness of lesser guilts! The burden of self-criticism that arises as a result of neglecting one's blog is not nearly so hard to bear as one might think. It is not so much an albatross about one's neck as a small budgie. A politically incorrect fashion accessory, if you will, as opposed to a hefty, damp encumbrance of ill omen.

Not long ago, I was in Berlin and in London, visiting friends. During these visits I took some photographs with a view to documenting the spirit of the German and British peoples. It just so happens that I have them to hand.

First, (not "firstly", because firstly isn't a real word, it's a horrible americanism resulting from a pseudo-intellectual desire to add unnecessary syllables to perfectly good words), I would like to share some images from my second trip through London, on my way back from Berlin.

Sadly, (not "sad", for obvious grammatical reasons), I found the British to be an angst-ridden people who express their deep-seated hostility towards their fellow man by indulging in passive-aggressive behaviour.

Here is one example:

"Public announcement: Our bastard neighbours locked our cat in their cellar and starved it half to death. Bastards."

And here is another:

Woman buries husband alive in passive-agressive murder/denial


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