Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Australian fascists publish a Monopoly-style game based on the Cronulla race riots last year. It's called Cronulla 2230: Win back Australia!.

Revenge of the tards

Ah well, Monopoly did start as a political game, albeit on the other end of the political spectrum.

Australian fascism is a funny thing. I hate to be arrogant, but I really do feel that I have a better grasp of fascist ideology than these Australian neo-Nazis.

While Nazism has its roots in anti-humanist, ecofascist notions of keeping "native" peoples tied to the natural environment from which they sprung (so-called "politically applied biology"), Australian fascists are, rather curiously, not arguing that Australia be "won back" for black indigenous Australians from their white selves.

If only young skinheads stopped to ask themselves from time to time, "What Would Hitler Do?" (WWHD).

Fascists: print this out as an A2 poster for your bedroom wall

Hitler would surely have advised these mongs to round up their Anglo Australian peers and ship them all back off to Great Britain, their ancestral land. Upon arrival, I'm sure they would be welcomed by many eager citizens willing to reintegrate them into their native soil by re-acquainting their faces with the British pavement.

Update: Lycos has pulled the game off due to terms of service violation.

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