Thursday, October 19, 2006

I have been set a game design challenge.

I am currently going for a job and I want to send in some examples of design work, by Monday (any later would look bad). After procuring some expert feedback from a trusty design mentor, I now have the task of redoing one of those examples (a design document extract) on the grounds of conceptual heterodoxy, i.e. the subject matter is a bit odd.

So now I have no more than three days to develop a new game concept that proves that I, despite outward appearances and widespread reports, have the ability to see into the mind of the average mainstream gamer (ludio mediocris vulgaris).

Randomly sampled average gamer

I must connect with his hopes, yearn with his aspirations and palpitate with his emotions. Scorn his sportscars and belittle his gangster pretensions, I must not. I may even find myself compelled to betray even my deepest sentiments, and make peace with elves. Truly, it is a hard, emotional road that lies ahead.

If I succeed in this challenge (measured by the approbration or lack thereof of by others offline), I will post the results here, on this blog, Monday next. Conversely, if the piece of work is deemed inadequate, I will shun public scrutiny and never mention it again.

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At 4:31 am, Blogger the rantolotl said...

Your randomly sampled gamer looks freshly washed. Excellent!


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