Monday, November 13, 2006

I'm posting this T-shirt image and link in solidarity with Kotaku and also to piss off the Electronic Software Association.

A satire on the "your momma" insult.

The Electronic Software Association (ESA) is the games industry assocation in the US who bangs on about freedom of speech, first amendments rights, and the scourge of censorship every time a state tries to restrict game sales to minors (which should, of course, not be restricted, BTW). In a flurry of hypocrisy they've sent cease-and-desist emails around the place in response to people makin and selling or even talking about this T-shirt pictured above.

When you read the ESA's letter to Kotaku don't buy their whinging about "consumer confusion/message dilution"; that brand protection argument has been used many times by corporations (Mattel, McDonalds, etc.) to gag artists and critics.

Does the ESA genuinely care about the rights of gamers and game developers to freedom of expression? This little incident gives a fairly clear indication that the principle of free speech for the ESA is nothing more than a convenient bit of legalese for trotting out at their convenience - i.e. when their members' profits are at stake.

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