Sunday, November 05, 2006

Readers may recall Brunswick's naughty cheesecake:

Naughty cheesecake confounds and alarms local graffiti community

When I documented this recently on my blog, I failed to mention that I knew the creator of the cheesecake personally. Well, more specifcally, when I took the photograph of this oeuvre d'art I had suspicions about its authorship, which I then went home and confirmed during quiet conversation. I am rarely found to be wrong on matters of aesthetic judgement and furthermore the scrawl does, as you can see, bear a signature of idiosyncrasy that is unmistakable to the trained eye.

What excitement, therefore, was elicited by the sighting of a copycat work some weeks later further up the street. The copycat had even introduced a behavioural innovation in cheesecakery: from "naughty" to "noisy".

Noisy cheesecake confounds yet enchants original naughty cheesecake author

Notice how the Es are quite different in style; this was definitely the work of another hand. Notice also how the *s have been deliberately innovated to #s, while a mistaken ellipsis at the end has been carefully whited out. If imitation is the highest form of flattery, attention to detail in the execution must surely constitute the highest subcategory therein.

Upon closer inspection, the building that provided the canvas for this new cheesecake had also had its front door adorned with a more elaborate, stencilled version of their noisy cheesecake, featuring what I will tentatively describe as a cheesecake-o-phone.

Noisy cheesecake logo incorporating cheesecake-o-phone

The originator of the naughty cheesecake was, naturally, enraptured. Stickers bearing "flattered" cheesecakes (with ^ signs) were duly made and deposited in the letterbox slot of the aforementioned door, in honour of our new Comrades of the Sacred Order of the Cheesecake.

Le Monde ablaze with headline: "We Are All Cheesecakes Now"



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