Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Australian readers. Have you noticed that the perfectly serviceabale and inclusive* term "people" is being gradually and insidiously replaced with the word "families" in the public discourse?

A spokeswoman for Roads Minister Tim Pallas said improving roads during off-peak times made sense. "VicRoads always tries to minimise disruption to Victorian families, so the holiday period is a good time to do road projects," she said.

If you're a family living in Melbourne then VicRoads "always tries to minimise disruption" for you. If you're single or childless then you can get fucked, as far as this bitch is concerned.

So what is it about Australian families; what's so special about them as opposed to say, people, that makes them more of a priority than other human beings?

I googled for an answer and was enlightened by a recent comment by Australia's deputy Prime Minister, Peter Costello:
"Australian families, all the families in Australia are Australian families and all the Australian families are, in fact, families."

So much for clearing that mystery up re why I suck and families rock.

The Australian Labor Party shares Costello's view. Take this piece of propaganda, for instance:

Queensland Labor has vowed to keep fighting John Howard’s industrial relations changes saying it’s not just about the workplace – it’s an attack on Australian families.

So why does the ALP bang on about families so much? Why did they not phrase the above to read "an attack on Australian people"? I'll tell you why. It's because that would be less convincing in a cultural climate (if one can use such a word as "climate" in this godforsaken desert of a country) that values families above actual people.

* unless you count animals, and I don't. I include animals in my diet, not my social circle.


At 12:24 pm, Blogger Paul said...

I was watching the UK show 'The Thick of It' and they made a comment that is appropriate to your post.

The show concerns the department of social affairs in the UK and at one point the minister for said department is debating whether or not to say 'people' or 'families' in part of a speech.

He's told to use 'families', because 'people sounds communist'.

At 5:15 am, Blogger the rantolotl said...

well, it's worked out pretty well for Family First thus far.

As for it sounding 'too communist', well, maybe communists should just steal the word and run with it.

Family Power!

Family Alliance

Families under the beds!

nooooo... I guess it might not work.


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