Saturday, May 26, 2007

Fresh developments. Still in the airport, and just as I feared, it seems that I will miss my connecting flight to B.

There seem to be only two of us in the same position. With Michelle (pictured above), a woman I met similarly agrieved at the check-in counter, I have formed a holy alliance against Airline Company X. We have spent several hours in Starbucks together with our laptops projecting hours, days even, of South Asian transit misery before us before arriving at our destination, B.

While Michelle updated her internet dating profile (in response to a pretty shoddy email from a soon-to-be-ex BF) I went to buy a universal adaptor so that I could plug said laptop into the wall socket. I spend $30AUD on the sodding thing and it works with 2 pin european plugs! Luckily the Taiwanese guy sitting next to us (also pictured above) has been persuaded to take it off my hands for $10 USD.

Will post further news as disaster continues to unfold...


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