Saturday, May 26, 2007

I am stuck in transit.

I suppose it doesn't matter which airport I'm at because all airports are the same. They all have that characterless"international" moneyed feel and so I might as well be anywhere. I might as well be anyone too - one of those "international" business travellers perhaps, or an ex-pat in casual atire, wearing one of those polo shirts worn by casually-atired men featured in airport/hotel advertisements. Whoever I am, "it's [my] life, and [I] deserve the best", according to the sign opposite me. I deserve the best choice, the best bargains and the "best internationally recognised airport", in short, "everything [I] could ever want".

(If anyone, however, does recognise the airport from my description, and is reading this, feel free to come and say hello - I am just behind check-in island L at the Café Ritazza.)

Everything I could have ever wanted was the chance to check my bags in so that I could go to the toilet, but my flight to A has been delayed by X hours. This will mean that I will miss my connecting flight to B, and will no doubt be put on another flight hours later. Arriving at B late will mean public transport to the city will have finished and I cannot afford a taxi. I will sleep in the airport lounge at B, which will no doubt also offer me the best choice, the best bargains, and so on and so forth. This is because I am internationally recognised as someone who deserves the best. I am everything they could ever want.


At 6:01 am, Blogger Patrick said...

Good to see you blogging again, keep it up when you get back to reality. Or otherwise, just keep blogging.

At 6:09 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Kuala Lumpur?

At 11:18 am, Blogger Kipper said...

Thanks Patrick! I will endeavour to post more regularly now that I am at large in the world again.

And yes, the first airport was KLIA. I recommend their free wifi.


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