Friday, June 22, 2007

Before posting my picture of my local shop that exclusively sells the cirrosis-scarred livers of over-fed geese (think: Guantanamo Bay style force-feeding), I'd like to register my disappointment at the disgraceful cowardice of the hold on the distribution of Manhunt 2. Or perhaps it's just a tactical move, but still, you don't start a fight then leave after the first punch.

"Ooh Seth it be bleak, but. Oh aye, it be bleak that thar game. We'd best ban it!"

Those British sods have banned the game on the basis of "its callousness of tone" and "its unremitting bleakness".
Oh I say, I mean to say Sir, what ho, really? Bleakness? Can't have that.

If these London bureaucrat toffs are perturbed by bleakness why haven't they yet banned the entire rest of England north of Cambridgeshire*?

And here was I labouring under the assumption that the work of DH Lawrence was famously banned in Britain until the 1960s because it contained a bit of how's-yer-father - not for its gritty depictions of coal mining life in rapidly industrialising nineteenth century England.

Hopes arose when Take Two boss responded by saying the game is a fine piece of art ("featuring a unique, formerly unheard of cinematic quality to interactive entertainment" *yawn*), but now we've just had this announcement.

Art or not art? Who gives a pseudo-intellectual shit. Should porn be banned when/if it isn't "Art"? Fuck off.

I've never looked at plastic bags the same way again since I played Manhunt. It's a clever and amusing game clearly aimed at mature players who appreciate a bit of satire and wit ("You're not Aryan!") rather than the usual over-serious kiddy gun banter. Sure there's some fun there to be had by kids too, but so farking what - give the kids a break. I remember what it was like to have to go sneak a look at A Clockwork Orange on my friend's parents Betamax machine and get my copies of Maquis de Sade works mailed from overseas when I was a youngster.

The lust-worthy Alex from a Clockwork Orange.

By contrast, these gentleman aren't at all sexy but that's no reason to ban them.

Oooh scary: fantasy violence... How about getting het up about real violence instead. Don't pull games off shelves. Pull British troops the fuck out of Iraq.

*excluding the Lake District. I've heard that's rather pleasant.



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