Friday, June 15, 2007

Lock your doors and bar your windows - I am in Paris. Friends passing through are obliged to look me up, for I am very much alone here, and will be here until at least the end of August.

I'm currently playing Lost In Blue for DS. It's quite hard and features a frustratingly Useless Female Sidekick who hasn't the intelligence to drink when she's thirsty, eat when she's hungry nor sleep when she's tired, even on point of death. In short, she won't do anything to sustain her own life without permission from me, such is her loyalty to my adolescent male player character. She has, however, a requisite Token Ability, that of being able to cook extraordinarily unappetising-looking meals that do little to increase my stats, with food that I could have mostly eaten raw anyway.

The useless little bitch is blind (no wonder her cooking is shite), and has to hold my hand in order to go anywhere. .

While I'm quite aware that everyone else considers the fragility of the Useless Female Sidekick in Ico as integral to the game's


feature, I can't help but feel cynicism towards this Rescue-the-Girl business. If it's such a bloody common young male fantasy, why isn't there more rescuing going on in real life? Why has no entreprising young man rescued me, for example? And I don't recall any of my female friends being rescued either, despite frequently finding themselves in perilous situations (often through no fault of their own). For shame.



At 1:06 am, Blogger Patrick said...

Your cynicism could use a twist of lime to compliment the lemon, but is savored nonetheless.

What are you up to in Paris?

For that matter, you talk little about your work, I'm curious.

At 5:18 pm, Blogger Kipper said...

What am I up to? Sitting in a little subletted studio trying not to spend money, and work on a couple of very silly little projects for my own interest.

I talk little about my work because I have none. But really, what's it all for, this work business? I'm not fit for it. And yet I require money rather urgently to feed and house myself. If only I could live in a cave and gather coconuts like those teenagers in LIB.


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