Sunday, June 24, 2007

Thanks to Chris Mayer for the heads up on this documentary, which should remind us of the days when frotting oneself up against a coin-op game machine wasn't yet considered retro-cool.

Chris Mayer was for a short time my Lead Programmer and avowed J----* Buffer.

* a former producer I dare not name, but one from whom his team members required protection (or "buffering"). Those who think they know who I'm talking about will have their suspicions confirmed if I refer to the Mysterious Incident of the Red Underpants Down the Side of the Sofa in the Lunchroom.



At 6:43 pm, Blogger Patrick said...

I saw that film at the Slamdance Festival in January, its a fantastic doc, made me proud to be a game designer. You should definetly check it out.

Another interesting note is the story has been optioned for a fictionalized version, which could be very funny.

At 3:44 am, Blogger Foozwah said...

I'd managed to actually forget J----* even existed, and then you go and mention the red undies... :p

At 9:02 pm, Blogger Kipper said...

Thanks for the recommendation, Patrick. I'll see if it's screening in Paris.

(btw great coverage of Slamdance game stuff for GD Magazine!)

Sorry for the uncomfortable flashback, Uncle Fuzzy. But a question remains: where is he now?

At 4:37 am, Blogger Foozwah said...

Some things are best left a mystery, I reckon...


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