Thursday, June 21, 2007

Tonight is the Festival of Music in France.

The government has decreed that all busking laws be suspended on this day of the year, and civil servants set to work organising music for their arrondissement so that in every bar, restaurant, park and public square there is live music of all kinds. On any given street corner some kid plays his violin or some waiter at a pizza parlour stands on a chair and does bad karaoke through a ghetto blaster. People wander the streets from place to place whistling and dancing and lugging instruments around, or sit on their window ledges drinking.

There are no tills ringing, no advertising, no sponsorship, no "brought to you by" crassness (and as such perhaps it could never take place in a country like Australia, I fear). Just people having a nice time.

Guy DJing out of a tobacconist's shop

Reggae dans la rue

Window-bound audience

On the corner of my street there's a band currently playing Jamiroquai covers ("sinds me eento 'yperspace, evewy time I zee 'er face").


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