Saturday, July 21, 2007

I am back in Paris for the weekend after working in Tourcoing during the week.

(Tourcoing is right at the top of France, on the border with Belgium. If you tipped Europe upside down, then Tourcoing would rather fittingly be the arse end of France.)

On my way up the street this morning to buy the new Harry Potter I had to fight my way through my local Saturday morning market. I had my camera so I took pictures to show you all what a hassle it is to live in Paris with all these mushrooms and berries and shit getting in the way all the time:

mille millions de mille milliards de mushrooms

berries embêtants

goat's cheese galère


At 11:50 pm, Blogger Ben.H said...

Sorry, you lost my sympathy when you said you were buying a Harry Potter book. Besides, we British spit on your fresh produce and varied diets.


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