Monday, July 23, 2007

I am an existential Super Spastic.

me: ok
1:47 PM have you got the questions in mind?
i'd like to make sure i've thought about things properly so i don't end up saying "um i dunno"
1:48 PM Marcus: You know what i'm going to ask you. Panic not. I'm not giving you the questions in advance because people inevitably end up sounding like a robot if you do that.

: ok but what's the subject matter
Marcus: I will ask or discuss noithing that hasn't come up between the two of us before. it's just there will be a camera this time.
me: i'm probably more in the dark about what you're doing than you think
Marcus: Games.
1:49 PM = subject matter.
me: hmmmmm :P
Marcus: i'm not asking you about what I'M doing. I am askign you about what YOU'RE doing and have been doing.
You are the world expert on that :)
1:50 PM me: so i'm the world expert on tooling around being unemployed and getting nowhere
Marcus: i wouldn't say that at all. But if you want me to ask some questions on the subject, i'd be happy to throw a few in.
1:51 PM me: yeah, like "why have i end up like this"
Marcus: I guess it centres areound the idea of validating games as a cultural form in their own right.
and the limitations that are imposed upon them by treating them exclusively as an industry.
1:52 PM me: if they were validated perhaps i'd be able to actually do stuff
Marcus: and i will ask you why you make what you make (or want to make) which is an invitation to get a political on me.
i think you can handle it!
1:53 PM me: hmmm actually the game stuff i want to make right this minute aren't political, just kind of experimental
1:54 PM Marcus: well, that's all good too...
me: ok then, we'll see what comes out of it!
1:55 PM Marcus: don't think about it too much in advance. If you prepare your answers i will (metaphorically) slap you.

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