Wednesday, July 18, 2007

I should be sleeping right now, but the sex is keeping me up.

But before you all start congratulating me, no I'm not a participant, it's the people in the hotel room next door.

So while they're going at it, I may as well post to my blog.

A few years ago an interview with me and Julian* ended up in a book called Videogames and Art. I remember spouting a great deal of nonsense. I can't remember exactly what I said and I don't have a copy of the book... but at the time one of the things I was thinking about was how much I'd like to offer my virtual solidarity to fight off the impending invasion of Iraq; that what we needed was a massively multi-player online war game, a virtual parallel war based on the real world events as they unfold, updates every night generated by game designers, artists, coders stationed in the war zone.

And then Kuma War came along in 2004 and I thought wow, somebody's actually done it. Kind of.

I was also thinking in terms of what I called "immersive propaganda".**
What do I mean by "immersive propaganda"? Well you can read a piece about that here - it's a few years old and it's showing it's age a bit. I originally wrote it for Seeing Red magazine (now defunct), then recycled it later the speech I gave via voice synthesiser*** at Free Play in 2004.

You see, the thing is, well fuck me, it's really actually started to happen. Not just isolated references, but a coherent polemical dialogue in game form. An immersive propaganda war. For me, Under Ash and Kuma War represented first historical milestone in this direction, and now This is, I think, the second.

* I believe he was wearing his leather trousers during the actual interview.
** As distinct from "tactical media activism". I'll only launch into a dissection of that bugbear by special request...
*** During the bad old days when I kept secrets, and by doing so kept my job.


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