Sunday, July 08, 2007

Resistance: Fall of Man

As you all probably know there's been a bit of ballyhoo in the UK about one of the PS3's best-looking launch titles, Insomniac's Resistance: Fall of Man, because some of the action takes place in a beautifully modeled virtual version of Manchester Cathedral.

This outcry is understandable. Depictions of violence within the holy walls of a Cathedral? Nothing less than fucking sacrilege.

Consider, for example, these heinous desecrations below:

This church window depicts the violent story of the Childe Roland. Anyone care to help me smash it out?

Bern Cathedral: Guy being throttled by alien. SACRILEEEEEEEGE!

Hang on a minute, haven't I seen that alien dude before somewhere?

Oh yeah, that's right: in Official PlayStation Magazine:


OK well anyway, the Bishop of Manchester has threatened to sue Sony (the publisher) for a load of money and wants the game banned.

The Right Reverend Nigel Simeon McCulloch, Lord Bishop of Manchester. (His friends just call him Nige).

Sony sat on the fence for a while but no doubt some SCEE executive recently pulled out his Sony Milo and totted up the wads of cash Rockstar must have lost as a result of the Manhunt2 beat-up.

So a couple of days ago Sony caved in and took out a large advertisement in the Manchester Evening News to "unreservedly apologise".

I looked around the internet to see if anyone had scanned in this ad and uploaded it to the web. Can't find it anywhere, so I've had to try and recreate what it probably looked like here:

Accurate reconstruction of Sony's newspaper ad.

I'm still waiting for the ad from game publishers that unreservably apologises to Muslims, women, and just generally for the *genuinely* socially reactionary content we see in games every day. But maybe I should just take matters into my own hands and join in on the book burnin' with everyone else.

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