Tuesday, July 31, 2007

X marks my spot.

If anyone would like to give me the surprise/fright of my life this week, I am currently staying in room 48 of the Premiere Classe hotel in Tourcoing.

You would astonish me by coming to Lille and taking the metro in the direction C. H. Dron to metro station Mercure. It’ll take about 35 minutes. You, a remarkable, impossible individual will ascend the escalator and notice that you are on an autoroute far from civilization, but don’t worry – just walk under bridge and the hotel is on your right.

Come in the evening, person of mystery, after I’ve finished work, and perhaps bring a board game, like Settlers of Catan or something. I’ve run out of soap, so you might want to bring some of that along too. Depending on how devastatingly attractive you are, you can either sleep in my bed or in the bunk above.

You, as yet a mere figment of my imagination, need not go through reception to get in – just walk through the gate and I’m on the ground floor. Knock on my door, labeled number 48, and say the password (let's make it “surprise”), and I’ll let you in. You will find me sitting in my hotel room, living a life of mere plausibility, yearning for sheer improbability...

So there you are. Now you have all the information you need* in order to bring excitement and adventure into my under-stimulating world.

* As Jean-Paul Sartre once said, “no excuses”. He may well have been talking about resisting fascism in 1930s Europe, but we need not quibble over details.



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