Monday, July 02, 2007

Yes, that is indeed a priest rogering a child. The accompanying animation and sound effects make the GTA3 car rocking feature seem lame...

Today I played (thanks to Patrick Dugan) the fabulous child-fucking game, Pedopriest by those seasoned satirical game designers Molleindustria. You don't actually fuck children, you just protect those who do from arrest. Disappointing I know, but a brilliant idea for a game nonetheless.

Specifically: You play an agent of the church protecting pedophile priests from discovery. You have to intimidate the witnesses and divert the police so that your priests aren't made subject to secular law. So of course it concisely and cleverly depicts the recent behaviour of the Catholic Church: "The Vatican created a task force to prevent sinners from being captured and put on trial according to the secular states' laws."

No wonder they've just banned it in Italy.

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At 1:17 am, Blogger Patrick said...

"the fabulous child-fucking game"

Haha, thats a great way of putting it.

What I notice looking at the screenshot, is that the animation was made by basically transposing the two cel sprites over each other. Both entities are fully clothed, though the priest's encompassing of the area, and the chilling audio make for something more suggestive. Therefore, the child porn basis for banning it in Italy (already somewhat suspect considering the complicency with actual child rape) is invalid, it would be like calling a sex scene in a Hollywood film porn.


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