Friday, August 10, 2007

friend: yeah
that night i have the bioshock release party
want to come to boston for it?
me: hey i'd love to!
friend: you should!
me: i'll be working :(
friend: doh
me: and i'm not on your dev team!
will it be big?
friend: yeah i think so
a lot of press will be there
we've already had a small company one
me: i've never been to a release party for a game i've worked on - only publishing people have got to go
friend: the games industry is so fucked up in someways


I fondly recall the time, for instance, when Atari hired an entire aircraft carrier for a certain game release party in San Francisco and all we (the people who actually made the game) got was a couple of spring rolls and 3 beers on a bar tab in Melbourne.

There wasn't a big enough budget for an actual meal, so one thing led to another and a certain colleague smashed the bar door in during a misguided fit of drunken starvation. Broken glass everywhere. Lovely night.


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