Thursday, August 02, 2007

Readers may recall my genius idea for wearing my straw boater (canotier) about town until it catches on among the hipsters of France.

I'm sorry to report that things aren't turning out exactly as planned. The other dayI saw a boater featured in an...outdoor furnishings display in....Carrefour.

Imagine my horror when I came across this display at Carrefour Eurolille. Anne Radcliffe herself could not have constructed a scene more likely to produce terror in the female heart.

I have, however, developed a new idée fixe.

Last evening I saw a very skinny pale man in Roubaix (refer to yesterday's post if you need to recall what Roubaix looks like) walking along holding the hand of his young child. He was dressed in such a compelling fashion it made me stop right there in the street and think very hard about things.

The man wore tiny black shorts, old black dress shoes with the backs squashed down and worn like slippers, and the most glorious pair of long eighties-blue rugby socks topped with red stripes.

So rugby socks - I want some, and this weekend I am not leaving Paris without a pair. I have the perfect dress to wear them with.


At 12:21 am, Blogger Ben.H said...

I saw that photo first and thought it was your hat, and you were promoting your new hat look by photographing it in various public locations.

Also, I initially confused Anne Radcliffe with Radclyffe Hall.

Also also, Fiona stopped me from going into a cafe in Paris because there was a man in there "who was dressed like he was in a Flake advert."

At 7:36 pm, Blogger Kipper said...

Yes, I can just imagine the floppy white shirt.


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