Monday, September 24, 2007

Game has just reported on an online game I did a tiny bit of additional design/scriptwriting work on earlier this year. It appears to have been launched and I'm looking forward to having a play.

For those around me at the time who had been perhaps wondering why I was continually interrupting conversations to pose non-sequiturial questions, for example on how a typical teenaged girl takes umbrage, or whether one "kicks the footy around" or simply "has a kick of the footy", you'll now appreciate why I had to ruin a perfectly good barbecue or a perfectly good Avengers DVD watching session to pester you for such seemingly highly uncontextual information.

And when from time to time I looked up from my screen to exclaim to noone in particular about how much the dropkick youth of today and their mingeing fucking problems* were fast becoming the bane of my life, you now know why.

* "contemporary youth facing significant life issues that gave me pause for thought", is what I *actually* mean to say here, so don't quote me wrong on this


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