Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Lawyer Jack Thompson to be first mission kill in GTA4 and he's far from flattered.

GTA4 screenie

"This is not the first time Rockstar Games and Take Two have targeted me in this fashion. Take-Two's references to me as a bisexual pedophile on its corporate website resulted in the sending of sex aid products to my wife."

I suppose we can expect some more righteous whinging from the side of the industry pissed off at Take Two for undermining attempts to make the games industry respectable and uncontroversial.

It would be easy to point out that the greatest creative achievements have rarely been respectible nor uncontroversial nor even "mature", but would these MBA-weilding cretins care about the true value of a game beyond the price sticker on the front of the box, eh?


At 12:05 am, Blogger Ben.H said...

That'll teach him for being in "Attack of the Clones"!


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