Tuesday, November 27, 2007

I am neither a glamorous nor well-groomed game developer.

I've had a weeping wound* on my face for over a week. It won't heal. Sometimes it starts bleeding into my lunch when I'm trying to eat a sandwich.

My eyes got really bloodshot so I had to take my contacts out and wear glasses again and they have bits stuck to them from being stored in my toiletries bag.

My hair has gone blonde again because all the nice red dye faded.

I've worn the same pair** of socks for 3 weeks without washing them because I only have one pair of socks. Occasionally in the morning when I can't find one of the socks I just tie a scarf around my foot and stick it wrapped up like that into my boot - it seems to work quite well. I wonder if that's what people did before they invented socks.

On the bright side I appear to have lost weight. It's probably because I'm working alone and I don't have a producer here to assail me with disgusting pizza and coke in the evenings.

* I've started to try treating it with manuka honey. Partly because I'm a NZer and it's traditional, and partly because it worked really well on my cat once, and her weeping sore closely resembled mine.

** they're an odd pair, actually. One is black and made of possum fur and the other is long and blue. They were both very expensive.


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