Friday, November 09, 2007

I've been trying not to think about something for some time now. I'm trying really hard to suppress it from my mind, but every morning I wake up with a memory of having dreamed about it the previous night.

Last night's dream about The Bad Thing involved 6 chopsticks and me running away to the end of a garden where I rolled up into fetal position and shivered. The most shameful part of the memory is that I know that I had secretly wanted it to chase me, and that I was disappointed when it didn't.

So every morning I wake up like this - feeling weak and ashamed, and thinking about it. I go to set up my computer thinking about it, and try to start working while thinking about it.

I read this in the news the other day:
research reveals that women who were asked to suppress their thoughts about chocolate consumed 50 per cent more when offered it, compared with women who were told to express their feelings about chocolate.

Are words a sufficient means of expression for "feelings"? If so, I have expressed them here in the hope that I won't dream about The Bad Thing tonight.


At 11:30 pm, Blogger Patrick said...

You know chocolate releases oxytocin which is the same nuerochemical released after giving birth, having an orgasm ect.


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