Monday, November 19, 2007

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Thanks Ubisoft, for cheapening the image of women in the games industry by creating a sex symbol out of Jade Raymond.

Why don't you just admit that your PR department fucked up, and that the backlash was entirely predictable?

Assassin's Creed was always going to sell on its own merits anyway, but you had to go and be clever about it, didn't you.

Ubisoft, *you* are entirely responsible for this:

An extract from the infamous "jade raymond sucks off gamers to get them to buy Assissin's Creed" comic, mirrored here in the interests of free speech.

For Assassin's Creed II, I sincerely hope that Ubisoft considers making a man-whore out of the game's creative director,* the pretty and talented
Patrice Désilets.

Patrice Désilets. Hairy, but yeah I'd probably fuck him.

* ...for christ's sake. I mean, if you're going to give public credit to someone at least have the decency to choose the game's actual designer/director, not the boss who does the Gantt charts.

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At 6:06 pm, Blogger Ezequiel said...

i would love to think about how this is only Ubisoft's fault, but i don't think is true. It's also fault of gamers and the game press overall.

very sad, and pathetic.

and you're making me reconsider my beard. urgh.

At 7:16 pm, Blogger Ezequiel said...

reading a bit more about this subject, i'm not sure about how much ubisoft did to make jade appear basically everywhere. it was mostly ubisoft fault, or the press?

probably you're bored to death about this topic, so i apologize beforehand.

At 7:41 pm, Blogger Kipper said...

Well, I went along to an event in London organised by Ubisoft called "Jade Raymond presents Assassin's Creed" which was basically Jade signing posters (no opportunity for me to have Patrice Désilets sign my tits, unfortunately) and having her photo taken with sweaty young male fans. Read into that what you will.

However, the gaming press certainly have made use of her camera-friendly potential eg for television. Details here in this fan-site made by someone in Ubisoft Montreal's QA department (ie made by a stalker or hired to do it by Ubisoft):


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