Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Thank you to all the people who've been helping me to come up with this blasted business name.

What's the business about? Well, for naming purposes it's about games and crossing the cultural divide between French-ness and anglophone-ness. I'll go into more detail later.

My latest thought is to have a resoundingly English name and spell it phonetically in French.
'tch' for 'ch'
'ça' for 'sa'
'é for 'ay'

A French game dev studio did something like this, but the other way around: ie with French spelt phonetically in English instead of English to French.

Mekensleep = "mec en slip", meaning guy in underpants

Of course the problem with their name is that it has nothing to do with anything (unless it's a reference to their office dress code), and for a made-up word in English it sounds kind of shit.*

So whatever my English name is it has to sound good to French people, primarily.

* not as shit as "Infogrames", of course.


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