Thursday, November 22, 2007

Working on a game remotely*. It's like picking fleas out of a gorilla**'s fur with boxing gloves - boxing gloves controlled via a high latency network, more commonly known as teh internets.

Unless you've worked as a programmer on a console game before, I think the analogy is lost on you. Sorry, but don't even *pretend* you understand what it feels like to have all this shit flowing through your brain.

View from my temporary London office chez a certain publisher.

* Working in the standard C++/3DSMax/audio development environments plus numerous proprietary tools, file formats, scripts and steps for processing thousands of version-controlled code and data files. Two versions of all this stuff is maintained on two geographically remote machines, kept in sync by a process of sorting, sifting, packing, unpacking, uploading, downloading, while maintaining project-relative version control.
You want to make a tiny, "easy" modification to the game? AHAHAHAHAHAHA

** moving. The gorilla is moving while you do this. And he is maniacal, much like the monkey
who turns out to be "Number One" at the end of the TV Series The Prisoner, ***



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