Sunday, December 02, 2007

I have a name for the business and you won't like it.

I asked you all for advice, and you gave generously. I googled "how to name company" for advice from teh interweps. In short, I have had a great deal of advice on the subject and yet I have systematically gone against pretty much all of it.

Here are the company naming guidelines teh internest threw up.
  1. Must be easy to remember
  2. Must be easy to spell and requires no explanation
  3. Must describe your business category
  4. Must describe your benefit
  5. Must describe your difference
  6. It has to be one or two syllables long - no more
  7. Each syllable starts with a strong consonant (B, C, D, G, K, P, Q, T)
  8. It’s fun to say (”…that just rolls off the tongue”)

Then I found this company name generator for Web 2.0 start-ups. Initially I thought it was one of those jokes like "generate your porn star name" etc, and then I realised it took itself seriously so tried it. It gave me names like JumpPad and Buzzfish. It made me feel 25, Californian and unclean.

But as I mentioned before, I now have a name. It came out of discussions with a new friend, so I am only partially to blame for it. When I tell you what it is, you won't like it. You won't even be able to pronounce it.


At 12:17 am, Blogger Administration said...

So spill!

At 12:32 am, Blogger The Rantolotl said...

Last time I suggest anything to you then.


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