Wednesday, December 05, 2007

I'm going to stop working now because I'm tired and I've just broken the game.

Here's something for you kids who weren't in the game industry in the decadent 90s, a time when game developers would be kings.

"Had they taken a more than a cursory look at the massive and expensive custom-built corrugated steel cubicles, they might have detected the unpleasant reality intruding upon the ultimate fanboy's dream. A vast network of makeshift roofs hung suspended above the cubicles, made from sheets and blankets and anything else that could be duct-taped to the cubicle corners or hung with fishing line from the light fixtures, undercutting the striking industrial design of the room with the faint feel of a refugee camp."

Turns out we would never be kings. We would be sitting at work late at night, ten years later, checking in bad data and piling up our desks with empty Marks & Spencer ready meal boxes.

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