Friday, December 07, 2007

Ricain, Rosbif et Fils

There you are. Temporary site, perhaps even a temporary name.

Ever had that feeling when you stay up late at night waiting for an upload to complete and then when you retrieve it on the other side you find the file has been corrupted? Oh happy days...

More news from England: the land where they manage to put the twee back into smug*.

Weeping sore has finally healed (after agressive and unauthorised use of topical antibiotics) to reveal angry red scar

A third sock has been located and now I have 3 socks on rotation. So I wear one sock that is always dirty, but the other is usually clean

Glasses have been on for a week but eyes are still mysteriously bloodshot. Maybe they put hash in Marks & Spencer ready meals... I wouldn't put it past these English people.

I take 6 trains per day, sometimes 7. On average, 2 or 3 of these trains are late or cancelled due to "signal failure", "security alerts", "flooding", "slippery tracks", "congestion at London Bridge" etc. **

I take the opportunity to moan and/or sound off about what an suckful time I'm having 2 times per day, on average

* where it fits rather snugly, despite all etymological predictions to the contrary.

** At least in France when the trains don't run it's because of something that's worthwhile, like a strike. A train running normally in London is such a rare event that it gets it own announcement. To quote something I heard in the tube tonight over the loudspeaker:

"Ladies and Gentlemen, may we have your attention please. A good service is currently running on the Piccadilly line." And that was the whole announcement! I kid you not.


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