Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Canada is nice.

It's a shame I didn't have time to swing by Montreal though. I would've liked to see the city where Jade's Game was made, and it would've been super cool to catch up with fellow Patrice D├ęsilets fans over a couple of pints of maple syrup. Next time, perhaps.

I hear Montreal is a tad cold in the winter anyway. Apparently the big studios take this into account when luring French game developers over to work for them. The first Montreal winter freaks these hapless developers out so badly they're desperate to chuck it all in and head back to France. Conveniently, however, their employment contracts have this sinister indentured-labour style clause stipulating that if an employee leaves before two years is up they have to reimburse the company for their relocation costs. The theory goes that by the second Montreal winter all the nerve endings in their little Francophone fingers and toes have died anyway, so they decide to suck it up and stay.

Images of fresh young French people, including some Angoulême graduates. Future Gallic grist for the Montreal mill?

And suppose they stay but after a few years choose to take a job somewhere else in the area? Doh! There's a non-compete clause in the contract to deal with that scenario too.
(Did I reference the term "indentured labour" anywhere in there? Hope I did.)

Please feel free to come forward with any light you may be able to cast upon these dark and scurrilous rumours.

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