Monday, February 04, 2008

In less than an hour's time I will be sinking my teeth into juicy kangaroo flesh in a pub in Brunswick, Melbourne.

Happily, Brunswick has changed little in appearance since I saw it last. Melbourne is world-famous for its graffiti, and Brunswick boasts its own special politically-charged brand. For instance, I note by looking at the walls of Brunswick after almost a year's absence that the war between clerical fascists and the local left still rages on.

I documented our little part in it here.

You may also recall the Legend of the Naughty Cheesecake: the story of 'the little meme that could' that I posted about a very long time ago. Well, I have a story update for you.

But let us first recap the story to date:

The Legend of the Naughty Cheesecake

It started when, after a year's absence, I came back to Melbourne and noticed some graffiti on walls around Brunswick that was downright eccentric. Furthermore, it seemed to reference the nicknames of certain people I knew. I posted the images here. The most striking piece I photographed involved the depiction of a so-called "naughty cheesecake":

I had suspicions that a certain friend had sprayed these walls - suspicions that were later to be confirmed.

Shortly after this, a copycat artist, inspired by the genius of the Naughty Cheesecake, responded on a wall further up the road with a "Noisy Cheesecake":

The original author of the "Naughty Cheesecake" was, naturally, flattered by the imitation. Thus, the "Flattered Cheesecake" was born. I documented these events here.

And now, as you may have noticed in a previous post, the Cheesecake meme is still going strong one year on. It has blossomed into bigger and brighter things, as you can see in this photograph I took last week:

Behold the mighty meme of Brunswick's Naughty Cheesecake.



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this made me giggle.


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