Thursday, February 21, 2008

Today I am in Australia being pissed off. About things of which I am not yet at liberty to speak (but hopefully will be next week).

But let us consider this lesser, interim irritation for now:

I have never been friends with the Australian Film Commission.

From the moment their "producers" made me wait in reception for half an hour while they had a cup of tea and a bikkie, through to the phone conversation where their manager of New Media told me they'd already funded "an online multi-media piece about refugees" so there wouldn't be much point in them funding something "similar" (ie Escape From Woomera), to my friend's background as a game producer being sneered at ("oh, so you make CD-ROMs do you?" "No, I manage multi-million dollar game production budgets...").*

But even failed filmmakers-come-bureaucrats find themselves having to move with the times *eventually*, so it's great that the AFC have got behind the ABC's very worthy initiative to fund a "crowdsource" designed game, based on the game design ideas of the ABC's Good Game show. Yay. God only knows how that's going to work, but "yay" nonetheless.

Except for the fact that the AFC are cunts.

It's probably not their fault that they're cunts. After all, their stated mission is to fund projects that help filmmakers in some way, and this means they are constitutionally unable not to be up the arse of the film industry with their funding guidelines, even for a project that is unambiguously for and by the games community.

"* Teams that include screenwriters working with experienced game developers are encouraged."

Er, why?

Why the fuck?

"* The writer must have writing credits on at least one produced and released digital media project (game, mobisode*, etc), or have a screenwriting credit for a project that has been released, broadcast or screened at a recognised film festival."

The writer? I am sitting at my desk (having lunch) at a medium sized Melbourne game development studio and I don't see any writers here. Sure, game studios sometimes contract writers to write dialogue etc for some game projects, but shouldn't this funding body be more concerned about the credentials of the team's game designer, of which I see absolutely no mention in these guidelines?

Oh, unless they mean to imply that a game designer "writes" a game, and that having screenwriting credits on a film that was screened "at a recognised film festival" () qualifies someone to design a game.

* A mobisode? Jesus H. Fuck. La la la la let's all dance our way to fairy land! Wheeeee!

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At 2:43 am, Anonymous Conor said...

Just change your title to game designer/writer. Everyone loves a slashie. I'm going to have my biz cards reprinted with 'product creator' as my title.

At 2:12 am, Blogger Foozwah said...

Yup, good advice.

(Said the bloke currently going under the double-slashie title of writer/editor/producer... [grin])


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