Tuesday, March 04, 2008

The designers at my place of work have a sort of informal "Weekly Design Challenge" on the go. I have decided to post my contributions here.

Last week's challenge was to design "a game that empowers women".

Shove over GTA, this is:

Urban crime fantasy for women

Begin as a 13 year old “sweetie girl” (doing hand jobs for small change) and work your way up to modern courtesan. Save up enough cash and gifts to fund a comfortable retirement as a middle-aged sugar mummy.

Genre: 3rd person action/adventure with management sim elements.

· Use self-defence techniques to deal with violent clients and defend your patch from rivals

· Sneak around evading roving police patrols

· Manage your budget to purchase clothes and accessories, condoms, furnishings, pepper spray...

· Upscale your work premises from city parks, to rented dives, to a mistress’s condominium

· Maintain your market value and health with STD checks and urgent medical attention after bashings

I have started writing for playthisthing.com
(OK well that actually means I've written *one* thing. Here it is here).



At 1:43 am, Blogger Patrick said...

I love you so much


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