Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Every time you play a game it kills a kitten.

In today's Age:

"I don't care, we're all going to die anyway," says 17-year-old Christian, to laughs* from his friends as they play video games at the CeBIT IT fair in Germany.

What he does not care about is the environmental impact of the games console he and his mates are playing in a giant exhibition hall crammed full of other teenagers playing the latest shoot-em-ups, driving games and the like.


Gamers in CeBIT Hall 22 meanwhile carried on playing.

"This doesn't stop me gaming at all. The fun factor is very high and you think first about the fun factor of the games," says Sebastian, a 22-year-old soldier and gaming fanatic.

"Most people who play games don't really think at all of the environment, they think about the fun factor," he says.**

Seventeen-year-old Geld from the Netherlands shrugs as the sound of music in the windowless hall pumps louder and louder***.

"A washing machine uses more energy than a computer," he says, turning to get on with his game, fingers working madly on the buttons.****

* What a heartless little shit. Re-headline this article as "Gamer Laughs While Globe Warms"!

** No wait, make that "Youth Has Fun at Expense of Planet".

*** "...as the time left until the lazy journalist's deadline got shorter and shorter."

**** Still better: "Teenager Unbuttons Trousers, Masturbates at CeBIT Fair Following In-Depth Interview With Foxy Journalist"



At 9:13 am, Blogger Conor said...

I sent my Harpooned press-release to the Age. They didn't run it. I guess it didn't fit their 'games will destroy the planet' agenda.

At 7:55 pm, Blogger Ben.H said...

It's hard to believe this isn't just a reprint from The Guardian or The Independent, as part of their ongoing series, "If You're Going To Work To Pay The Rent And Put Food On Your Table You Are Literally Destroying The Earth."

Next week, Iraq: "Is Baghdad Recycling?"


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