Thursday, March 06, 2008

I am writing this post this evening by our campfire, under the watchful eyes of Ducky Harry and Ducky McFiend

You will all be pleased to note that the Australian Centre for the Moving Image will not be closing their gameslab (dedicated space where one can go and play interesting games that one wouldn't see on the shelves at KMart) after all, thus removing the requirement for me to firebomb ACMI. This is just as well seeing as I am speaking at the "Game Girls" event at ACMI in a couple of weeks.

The other day I saw the publicity for said event on the ACMI website and on sumea and was alarmed to note that I will apparently be "demonstrating the interactive nature of games" as part of an "entertainment-packed day". I read it and naturally felt publicly humiliated.

Today when I had lunch with Eve Penford (the brains behind the event, and the Women in Games initiative) I politely inquired as to what the fuck. She informed me that the ACMI marketing department would've written the Game Girls press release. Hence they are responsible for the part about me giving a lesson to these apparently ludically-retarded females on what a game is ("Games are interactive! Here, let me show you by pressing this button labeled start on this plastic phallus we call a game controller. Any questions?").

I have never played a game on a digital computer that was not interactive, that is to say a non-interactive game. Call it an inexcusable gap in my game literacy if you like, but there you are. Being the naturally lazy person that I am, however, I was rather enthused to learn that there is an entire genre of games out there that do not require actual player participation. Can anyone suggest one for me to play?

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At 5:43 am, Blogger Foozwah said...

Re: games with no interactivity, if I was feeling bitchy (and it looks like I am today!) I'd suggest pretty much any Final Fantasy game.

Whenever I give one another go (in the mistaken belief that this time, THIS time, I will actually enjoy it) I consider sticky-taping down the main action button to let it play itself, since I mostly seem to just hit the same button over and over again for hours. Might as well not be there for all the difference it seems to make - I still win every %$#@! random battle...

Its a bit like Progress Quest really.

Also, inre: the "plastic phallus we call a game controller" reference. At a stretch of the imagination maybe a Wiimote qualifies there (in an admittedly blocky, hard-edged kind of way), but looking at controllers for the last four or five generations of console I can't help feeling that any phallus resemblance would have to be restricted to that of a leper. A really unfortunate leper. :-p

But seriously, good luck with the ACMI thing. You learn 'em good. :)

At 12:44 pm, Blogger Jared said...

Damn, beat me to the Final Fantasy comment. That's what I get for being too busy to read.

Well played.


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