Friday, June 20, 2008

Some film producer has just spoken at a game conference, warning the game industry to "move away from the current trend toward slavish emulation of the movie industry". He also said some stuff about putting "soul" before profit, and so forth. You can read about it in the Escapist here.

That's great and all, and I totally agree. My only problem with this stuff is that it's piss easy for him as a film producer to say all these things and get some feel-good quotes in the press. The guy doesn't work in games and doesn't have to put his money where is mouth is. He can say anything he likes from a safe distance, and nothing's going to change.

And even if he were some game industry executive with real power he could probably *still* spout all sorts of comfy, idealistic rhetoric in front of the games press and get away scot-free.

After all, let us remember how at a similar conference not so long ago some suit from EA (
Electronic Arts, to the uninitiated, our industry's corporate culture-recycling machine) paradoxically got up and made a speech about the game medium needing less lowest-common-denominator drivel and more high art (from whence the infamous "where are the Tarantinos of the game industry?" quote came). Again, all one sees is a big mouth with money conspicuously non-adjacent to it.

And speaking of EA and unseasonably large orifices, that reminds me: I still haven't posted about one of the greatest mysteries of our time, specifically,

who *actually* designed this game? (cover art below)

A Stephen Spielberg game MY ARSE.

More tomorrow about EA (and Stephen Spielberg) and what cynical, lying cunts they are.

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