Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Today in Hong Kong I caught up with a former colleague (a game artist) who is now living in Macau. He was kind enough to take the ferry over to HK to meet me for a few drinks. He also showed me his favourite shop sign, which I photographed to share with you here:

If you were that well-hung you too would make yourself a big neon sign.

So we had a few drinks, and then a few more, until we came up with a genius idea for a game. Namely, a cunnilingus game for the DS. And here's why it's perfect:

Our game features the art of cunnilingus as its core game mechanic. The player trace lines on the touch screen with a custom oral peripheral (his tongue) and is evaluated on speed and accuracy. So basically, the gameplay would be similar to that of Trauma Center (the game where you perform surgery with your stylus) or Cooking Mama.

As for game progression, I'm not really sure.
Orgasm, obviously, unlocks the next level.
Should an "easy" woman translate as easy in terms of gameplay difficulty?
What would be the game end scenario? A boss fit with Margaret Thatcher's bits?

* Cooking Mama for the uninitiated, is a cooking game where your stern, matronly "Mama" teaches you how to cook. Make a mistake and Mama gets mad, and while her eyes blaze with fury she reassures the player, in a classic passive agressive manoeuvre, "Don't worry. Mama will fix it."

As most players would be uncomfortable with the idea of their mothers teaching them how to perform oral sex, we're limiting the stealing of ideas from Cooking Mama to its line-tracing mechanic. Even I am not prepared to argue that the world needs a Cunnilingus Mama.

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