Saturday, July 26, 2008

I'm living just around the corner from the Piscine des Amiraux, designed by the famous architect Henri Sauvage. Quite aside from the fact that our local swimming pool is a famous Art Deco marvel, it's very convenient living next door to a public pool. We swum there today.

It's like being inside a cross between a 1920s cruise ship, where the cabins line the walls around a large central atrium where the pool lies. Each cabin is small individual changing room which also serve's as a locker for one's belongings.

To reach the pool one must descend a staircase via a shower room (showering before bathing is compulsory) before passing through a corridor in which the floor is a shallow basin of water (ensuring clean feet before entering the pool.

A very tile mosaic warns swimmers not to run along the "beaches", so as to give bathers the sense that they are not in fact in the 18eme arrondissement of Paris, but rather at a seaside resort like Deauville.



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