Sunday, July 27, 2008

Shame on you, ABC. Next time get someone like Margaret Pomeranz (or David Marr, or anyone who's ever played a videogame) on the show to provide some balance. Or even law-makers who actually know what the law is would be a start. (More details here)

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At 3:49 am, Anonymous Jessi said...

...honestly, I'm not that upset at the politicians. It's not (technically) their specific jobs to know about video game legislation. While it'd be nice for them to know what's going on, none of them are in a position where they *need* to.

Yes, sure it'd be nice to have someone with a clue on the panel (or in mainstream media in general), but it seems the ABC shoehorned a question into the discussion where it wasn't necessarily warranted.

I am, however, quite annoyed that Tony Jones, who knew what questions would be asked, didn't seem to bother doing the research into the topic. Simply knowing that there is a video games rating system in this country (albeit crippled) would have been a great start.

I'm even more frustrated at the fact that - on a show that prides itself as being transparent and honest - a "gaming journalist" stood up as a member of the general public (with no disclosure), and asked a (very) poorly-worded question.

Kingsley "UgLyPuNk" Foreman has a bit of a rant on the topic at the Internode Games Network (which, full disclosure, I also write for).

At 2:36 pm, Anonymous Conor said...

That really was painful to watch.

Here's my plan for getting an R18 rating for games in Australia.

Step 1. Wait until the government is composed of people who grew up playing games.
Step 2. Enjoy R18 rating for games.

At 4:04 am, Blogger The Rantolotl said...

christ, that was ridiculous.

And politicians do have a responsibility here - they have a responsibility to ensure the departments they oversee have a fucking clue about the world they live in. The 'I don't play games but that sounds horrendous so yes we should ban it' argument is totally unacceptable in terms of legislation, advisory commitees, or indeed abc discussion panels, as we've just seen.


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