Tuesday, August 26, 2008

I cannot access the comments section of my blog because blogspot is blocked in Syria (while, paradoxically, Blogger is not).

But yes Naseer in the comments, you are right, and I am a deplorable dislexic (meaning no disrespect to genuine sufferers of dislexia.) What I should've written was in fact "ya halu", which means "hey sweetie", a phrase that apparently only men use to women, and one often employed towards women walking innocently down the street minding their own business.

I am in an irritable mood, having been mildly ill during these last five days with an intestinal problem. My digestive system currently feels, and no doubt appears, much like the digestive system pictured below.

How my internal organs ended up being sold in a Souk in northern Syria I'll never know.

This pair of sheeps' guts caught my eye because they look rather like a pair of cute alien fetuses that some evil enemy alien has murdered by hanging.

And yes there were bags of eastern spices and women in ninja hijabs in the market as well but everyone knows what that stuff looks like so I didn't take pictures of it (I did, however, wish to take a picture of a Saudi ninja woman trying to eat an icecream but it would have been impolite to do so).


At 9:19 pm, Anonymous Naseer said...

No problemo.

And now you're spot on :)


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