Sunday, August 17, 2008

I have a terrible habit of getting distracted.

For example, today I should have been working. Instead I found myself obsessively Photoshopping images of vegetables that look like penises.

The result is my Facebook App called Suggestively-Shaped Vegetables. It's a gift application. Collect 'em all, etc etc.

I am also composing a Facebook Quiz (with pictures) entitled: "What serious medical condition do you deserve?".

This is so that my friends on Facebook who seem to be obsessed with filling out the most endlessly banal quizzes such as "Which Seinfeld character are you?" and "What's your movie compatility" may have at least one quiz to do that has serious moral and philosophical implications. And hilarious images of diseased body parts.

Speaking of which, this reminds me of when I was a child my mother worked in a photo laboratory. She drove to work at 6 in the morning, I used to grab a lift in her car, and I had permission to do my homework before school in her workplace.

The benches and rubbish bins were always covered with photographic prints of all kinds - some amateur, some professional. I used to like looking through them for strange images. I made things out of them. One year I made Christmas cards for my friends out of a batch of medical images - small boys in body casts, amputated limbs, strange skin conditions and the like. I thought it was most amusing, but my mother thought it was disgusting and was worried that it would get her fired.


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